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Impacto makes Profit 500 list
IMPACTO makes the 2014 PROFIT 500 List
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IMPACTO acquired the Ergo Mates line!




The following are our most popular protective products ranging from Hand-Arm to Foot Protection. Browse our website for details on our complete line of ergonomic products or Email Us for all your personal safety needs!

Anti-Impact Glove Liner
Anti-Impact Glove Liner

#1) 501-00

IMPACTO® Fingerless four-way stretch polycotton lycra glove liner....

Safety Toe Cap TURBOTOE
Safety Toe Cap TURBOTOE


The TURBO TOE Protects the toe area from accidental i...

Knee Pads Heavy Duty
Knee Pads Heavy Duty

#2) 840-00

IMPACTO® molded kneepads. Made with toxin free premium foam. Breat...

Anti-Vibration Air Gloves<SUP><FONT size=1>®</FONT></SUP>
Anti-Vibration Air Gloves®

#3) BG650

IMPACTO® Antivibration AirGlove®...

Knee Pads Hard Shell
Knee Pads Hard Shell

#4) 825-00

IMPACTO® hinged action hard shell kneepads. Ribbed flat kneeling s...

Insoles Airsol Anti-Fatigue Molded
Insoles Airsol Anti-Fatigue Molded


IMPACTO® Shoe Inserts. Open-cell structure engineered for greater ...

Metatarsal Protector
Metatarsal Protector


The IMPACTO® metatarsal guard is a unique device that protects the...

Thermo Wrap Wrist Support
Thermo Wrap Wrist Support

#7) TS226

IMPACTO® Thermo Wrap wrist support. Des...

Knee Pads GELITE Hard Shell
Knee Pads GELITE Hard Shell


IMPACTO GELite Hard Shell Knee pad. Built using a solid injected Gel insert. Bre...

Back Coach Back Support
Back Coach Back Support

#9) BC

IMPACTO® elastic back support belt. Mesh panel for ventilation. Pl...


Canadian Manufacturer Impacto Protective Products Inc. is a proud Canadian Manufacturer and Distributor of Personal Protective Ergonomic Products.
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