BACKTRACKER Anti-Impact Glove

Product Code: NS28200

Body Part: Hand Hazard: Impact Cumulative-Trauma

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IMPACTO Back Tracker Anti-Impact Glove with Back of the Hand Protection.  Heavy duty TPR on back of fingers, thumb and back of the hand protects against bruises and bumps. Antislip nitrile dipped palm offers excellent gripping. Sewn-on palm pad protects from impact. Reinforced patches in the thumb web area assure long wear and protection. High-visibility elastic neon green nylon laminated fabric. Adjustable hook and loop closure.

  • Excellent hand protection for general work
  • Ideal for confined spaces and tasks that involve impact on the back of the hand
  • TPR pad helps prevent finger pinching, abrasions and crushing injuries

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Sizing - Gloves

Proper size is important. Follow the guidelines below to determine your correct glove size. To determine glove size, with fingers extended measure circumference of the hand across the knuckles at the base of your fingers (don't include the thumb).

Glove Size
Hand size
Hand Circumference
XS 6  6" - 7" / 15-18 cm  
S 7 7" - 8" / 18-20 cm
M 8 8" - 9" / 20-23 cm
L 9  9" - 10" / 23-25 cm
XL 10  10" - 11" / 25-28 cm  
XXL 11 11"+ / 28 cm +

When ordering it is best to order smaller than your normal glove size.

Finger Styles

  • Gloves are available in Fingerless, 1/2, 3/4 and full fingers.
  • Full fingers offer best hand protection.  
  • Open finger gloves ensure full dexterity and tactile feedback.
  • Full finger gloves provide maximum protection.

EN 420:2003 + A1:2009

General requirements for gloves.

EN 388:2003

Gloves with the "Shield" symbol are in compliance with standard EN 388:2003 Protective Gloves Against MECHANICAL RISKS. The First Number identifies the performance level for abrasion resistance, The Second Number is blade cut resistance, The Third Number is tear resistance , The Fourth Number is puncture resistance.